In addition to being a lawyer, Viresh Fernando is also a Chartered Accountant. In solving your income tax problems, Mr. Fernando relies on his extensive accounting, financial, and legal knowledge. As a result, he can assist you with a variety of tax problems with no criminal prosecution and no financial penalties.
Please consult Mr. Fernando if you require any information on the following:

  • Unreported income
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Money kept offshore
  • Undeclared foreign income and foreign assets
Note that only lawyers can guarantee you complete confidentiality of your information.
(Accountants, financial planners, and other advisors can be forced by the Canada Revenue Agency to disclose all of your details, and you could be charged for tax fraud based on what you tell these types of advisors). Any information that you disclose to Viresh, however, will always be kept entirely confidential until he makes a final settlement of your income tax issues with the Canada Revenue Agency.