Methods Of Immigration.
Persons with a net worth of C$ 800,000.00 who are willing to essentially “buy” a visa to Quebec, by the payment of a non-refundable fee of C$ 110,000.00.
Persons who come in as “entrepreneurs” or “businessmen”.  They are required to have some sort of business management or other supervisory experience.  In addition, they have to demonstrate that they are able to transfer liquid or near liquid assets of approximately C$150,000.00 to invest in a business in Canada.  They are required to open a business within eighteen months in this country and carry it on for a period of at least two years. 
Why Choose Us?
Mr. T. Viresh Fernando has practiced immigration for several years. He will first advise you whether or not you should apply. If you are advised to apply for immigration to Canada, Viresh Fernando will use his experience from working as a Counsel of the Attorney General to increase the probability of a successful application.