Do I need a lawyer to do my divorce?
It is possible to obtain a divorce without a lawyer. Couples who are both seeking a divorce and who completely agree on everything including how to divide family property, who will have custody of the children and how much child and spousal support will be paid, may be able to complete their divorce without a lawyer. As this is not usually the case, lawyers are often needed to give advice on documents, rights, and obligations.
What are my chances of receiving sole custody of my children after divorce?
If the parents cannot agree, the court decides who gets custody. The court’s primary consideration in awarding custody is the “best interests of the child”. If you can prove that the acrimony between your partner and yourself is too great to permeate effective joint custody, and you can prove to the court that you will be the better parent, then you will most likely get custody of the child.
In Canada, does the law permit a salary differential based on your country of origin?
The answer is no. Everyone who does the same job in the same organization, must, by law, be paid the same salary.

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