If I have missed the deadline for income tax return this year and I am behind in filing others, can I go ahead and file my returns?
The deadline for filing personal tax returns of a particular year is April 30th of the following year. The deadline for filing self-employed tax returns of a particular year is June 15th of the following year.  If you missed the deadline, and are behind in filing other years, do not file your returns without making a voluntary disclosure (tax amnesty application) in order to avoid penalties and reduce interest.

Do I need to spend money and incorporate a company?
If you run your business a sole proprietorship or as a partnership and you face serious business problems, all of your personal assets such as your house, your car, and other investments could be at risk. Incorporation is a way of protecting your personal assets from any problems that your business faces.
Why do my business partner and I need a Shareholder Agreement?
As your business grows and becomes more complicated, various problems can arise because your business partner and you do not agree. Therefore, it is important that you have agreed on a way to solve your problems long before they arise. This is what a Shareholder Agreement is for.
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